Year: 2012

Instruments: Symphonic Orchestra ( 3Perc. Harp. Strings.)

Lenght: 13′

Premiered at: B.O.S. Concert Season. Euskalduna Hall, Bilbao. 2013/ 11/ 28-29. Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra. Dir. E. Diemecke.

Other data:

  • Commissioned by Bilbao Symphony Orchestra BOS, and Fundación Autor-AEOS.
  • Commissioned by INAEM, National Institute of Arts and Music, Ministry of Culture.

Haizorratz: (Needle air). Vane. Rotating metallic piece,which indicates the wind direction and its origin.
Like a vane, the work moves in bursts of different speed and force, redefining itself in its trajectory in the space, indicating the movement that produce their particles, changing inertias to blow air.
It is a universe full of moments that expand until generate ample sections, moving in a sort of acoustic perspective, distorting time and line.