Born in Vitoria – Gasteiz, she is interested in painting and music, though finally chooses music composition as a specialization for her academic studies. She studies music composition with C. Bernaola at the Jesús Guridi Conservatory (Vitoria – Gasteiz) and this first encounter turns to be crucial to her. She graduates in music composition and accordion. She deepens their studies with F. Donatoni at the “Scuola Civica” in Milan (Italy), together with the composers A. Melchiorre, I. Fedele and G. Borio, taking part in masterclasses and courses taught by S. Sciarrino, A. Corghi, N. Castiglioni, A. Clementi, D. Cohen, G. Manzoni, T. Murail and Luis de Pablo. There, she meets the contemporary Italian school composers.

She attends several european seminars at IRCAM Formations Professionelles, and Cours composition et informatique musicale (Paris. France. 2010, 2009, 2008), iMAL, Stáge Vidéo Temps Réel, , Course the art of Code, Processing, Physical computing, Arduino (Brussels-Belgium 2006), ), LIEM Electronique et informatique musical. (Madrid 2000), ARTIUM Taller de cine de animación experimental para no especialistas, Internetionale Ferenkurse Für Neue Msusik (Darmstadt 1990), Campo Internacional de Composición, Información e Interpretación de la Música Española (1987), Encuentro Internacional de Música de Cine (Sevilla 1986). All those courses were taught by composers and specialists like G. Grisey, J. Harvey, R. Climent, F. Kropfl, F. Guerrero, L. Brouwer, J.R. Encinar, A. García Abril, C. Halffter, T. Marco, C. Bernaola, M. Hadjidakis, M. Nascimbene, G. Delerue, G. Lorieux, E. Jourdan, Y. Antoine, Ch. Laroche, Yves Bernard, B. Vicario, J.M. Mateo.

Back from Milan, she starts working as an orchestrator for several movies and as a composer for theatre, advertising and animation.

At the same time, she carries on composing and developing her work around the exploration of the different sound possibilities in the instrumental and electronic means. As a result, in her catalogue we can find works from a variety of formats: instrumental, vocal, coral, orchestral, together with several colaborations with artists from disciplines as dance, painting, literature, sculpture, theatre, gesture, visual arts, multimedia arts… and also colaborations based on the use of electronic means and of mixed technics.

As an example of this variety, from among their starting works, it is worth noting: “Luz” (voice, flute, video and live electronic), “Esan Amandrie Oihuka” (acousmatic), “Astiro-astiro” (percussion and electronic), “The hanged man” (ensemble, vocal quartet and live electronic, ordered by CDMC), “Bakarrean” (guitar and live electronic), “Bihotzbi”, “Urhotz” (acousmatic); together with works of great significance as “Flaxa”, “Zeihar” (piano and MAX), “Azalpean” (viola and MAX), “Aize-Ontzi” (ensemble and live electronic)…

Betweeen 2005 and 2013, her work has spread into different formats, in order to cooperate with other artists and be able to operate in mixed disciplines. As an example, she developed so special works such as sound installations “Zattere dei pensieri” (multichannel instalation in open space); “Txori beltz”; performances as “Luz Sonora” (dance and live electronic), “Shiroi” (voice and laptop) or multidisciplinary shows and opera as “Cuatro X Cuatro” (dance and electronic), “A Contraluz” (live action for dance, sax, sensors and live electronic), “In-X” (sax, sensors and live electronic), “Harribizi” (multidisciplinary show), “Despertar a la vida es sueño” (electronic opera).

Since 2009, she broaden her career by working in creation and investigation projects, at international arts centers:

NOTAM (Oslo, Norway) Spring 2018

EMS (Stockholm, Sweden) Spring 2017

ICST.ZHdk (Zurich, Switzerland) Spring 2016

Shiro Oni (Onishi, Japan) Summer 2015

Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo, Japan) Spring 2013

Studio Alpha/VICC (Visby, Sweden) Spring 2011/2016

USF/Verftet (Bergen, Norway) Winter 2010

LEC/ Studio. Miso Music (Portugal) Winter 2009

Her music was performed in different international festivals, among which it is worth noting: Mise-EN Music Festival (NY 2019)Atemporánea Festival (Buenos Aires 2019), ICMC/NYCEM (NY 2019), San Francisco Tape Music Festival (San Francisco 2019), MUSICA NOVA (Prague 2018), MATERA INTERMEDIA (Italy 2018), SICMF (Seoul 2018),TONBAND (Stockholm 2017),BIFEM 2017 (Bendigo, Australia 2017),NYCEMF 2017 (New York 2017), MUSLAB (Mexico DF 2017),Siphonophora (Mexico DF 2016), 7º Music Electric Nova (Poland 2016), ICMC 2015 41 International Music conference (Denton, Dallas 2015),EAM-Festen Frost, Visby, Sweden (2014); Conciertos Octofónicos, Phonos, Barcelona (2013); Bilbao Symphonic Orchestra Season, Euskalduna Hall (2013); Installation “Mikel Laboa gertutik” (Koldo Mitxelena, Donostia; La Bellone, Brussels (2013); Scène Nationale du Bayonne (2013); Open Studio, Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan. (2013); Musiques & Recherches International Festival (Brussels 2013); Down the Dori” exhibition, Tokyo Wonder Site. Japan (2013); EMUfestival, Accademia Santa Cecilia, Rome (2008, 2012); Festival Visiones Sonoras, México, (2007, 2011); CICLO SONORO, Fonoteca Nacional, México (2011); Festival BERNAOLA 2012; Circuito de Música Contemporánea, Musikagileak (20011, 2012, 2013); Borealis Festival, Bergen, (2011); Festival Quincena Musical (1998, 1999, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2009, 2011); Cycle of Concerts of contemporary Music. FBBVA (2011, 12, 13); Alicante Festival of Contemporary Music (2010); Auditorio 400 Season. (2010, 2012, 14); Euskadi Orchestra Symphonic Season (1996, 2006); Festival Nuit Bleue, Elektrophonie, Besançon (2010); Festival Música Viva, Lisbon (2008, 2010); Festival FETEN (2010); Annual New Music Festival, WEALR, Fullerton, Callifornia. (2009); “E Werk”, Freiburg (2008); Festival AnimaMadrid (2008); Festival Internacional Chihuahua (2008); Cycle de concerts de Musique par ordinateur, Université Paris VIII (2008); Sound Café Festival , Edimburgo (2008); Festival Sonoimágenes, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2007); Festival SINKRO (2007, 2008, 2012); Festival KLEM (2005, 2006,2011); Festival Madrid en Danza (2005); Spanische-Komponistinnen, Munich (2005); Festival Synthése, Bourges, Francia (2003,2004); Instituto Cervantes, Alejandría (2004); Accademy Sibelius, Helsinki (2002); Groggia Modern, Venezia (2002); Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada (2000); ENSEMS (1999); Biennale dei Giovani Artisti dell’Europa; Concerts M.N.C.A.R.S. Madrid, Auditorio Nacional (Madrid) (1995, 1996, 1997); Guggenheim Museum Opening Session Bilbao, (1997); Festival fr Acordeones de Arrasate (1997); Festival Internacional de Teatro, Teatro Principal, Vitoria (1994, 2004, 2010); MUSIKASTE (1990, 96, 99, 2004, 07, 09).

Her music has been performed by: Euskadi Symphony Orchestra, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Espacio Sinkro, HET Trio, Ostots, Orchestra of accodeons Txanpa, Grupo Instrumental de Valencia, Oiasso Novis, Synaulia Trio, Trío Bernaola, Laboratorio Nuova Musica, KLEM, Ensemble Kuraia, Taller Sonoro, Espacio SINKRO, Krater Ensemble, Iñaki Alberdi, Miguel Ituarte, Alfonso Gómez, Andrés Gomis, I. Ibaibarriaga, Garth Knox, Luca Sanzó, J. Telletxea, Atelier Gombau, NeoArs, Trío Salzedo, NeoPercusión, KEA, Diotima Quartet, Neue VocalSolisten Stuttgart,Ryoko Aoki

She was commissioned from Basque Government, INAEM (Ministry of Culture), CDMC, Quincena Musical, Basque Countrry Symphony Orchestra, KREA, Author Foundation, Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, Mikel Laboa Cátedra, BBVA, Konstnärsnämnden (Sweden), ZHdk/ Zurich University of the Art (Switzerland), Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego (Poland), NohX Contemporary (Tokyo), and several other music, theater, artists and instrumentalists ensemble.

Her work was recorded by RNE, broadcasted by the BBC, Radio 3 and a sample of her work was edited in several recordings.

She acted as a jury for several composition contests, and offered lectures on her work in the University of Basque Country U.P.V., Conservatory of Bilbao, Complutense University of Madrid..

In the electronic section, she worked with the contemporary music cycle of the Festival Quincena Musical de Donostia and for the SINKRO Festival , AKUSMA section.

Between 1997 and 2002, she worked as a teacher at the Jesús Guridi Conservatory of Vitoria – Gasteiz, teaching Composition and Electroacoustics.

Nowadays, she teaches Counterpoint and Harmony (Composition Speciality) at the Higher School of Music of the Basque Country (MUSIKENE).