Year: 2005

Instruments: Orchestra ( – – 3perc, hp, strings.)

Lenght: 20′

Premiered at: 2006/ 10/ 23. Kursaal auditorium. San Sebastián. Euskadi Symphony Orchestra. Dir. Cristian Mandeal.

Performed at:

  • Season of Concerts of Euskadi Symphony Orchestra. San Sebastián, Vitoria, Bilbao, Pamplona (2006)

Otros datos:

  • Commissioned by Euskadi Symphony Orchestra.

Izar-Harri. Izarrari. Izar (Star) – Harri (Stone). Star’s stone. Crystalline quartz.
The reference to the imaginary of the word is reflected in the work in the aspect but near the luminosity and irradiation of the nature that contains it.
Izarrarri connected to Izarrari denominating word of the quartz, colorless, translucent, condenser stone of light layers; it takes like one from the references to Varése in his interest by the nature of crystals and in analogy to the use of linear and pure sounds, they often treaties through electronic thought. Work that moves between the exploration of sound and its imaginary poetic .
From the cry of Wozzeck, reference to madness, the pain and plea to the hope, the initial sound is transformed into internal pulsation of the work, advancing to knock in his route-destine.
The alterations of the material base and elements that form it, take part as a windows in the general discourse like breaches of the possible it, traces of the imaginary ; it making reference to other musicians, other musics, people and near feelings, they are deformed until turns absorbed in poetic contents, audible rites of transit, hallucinations or equivocal-ambiguities.
The illusion as a paradigm of perception, fueled by the ambiguity and the uncertain it; labyrinths and hybrids sonorous next to the obsessive reiteration, molding the amplification of the resonance until its crystallization in remains-shade.
Mirror of all this; the essential nature of sound emerges from next to the travel of the sound and the time of its interior, ceases to live in the space for to be in him.
Dedicated to my father, in his memory, by their interior converge processes of order into a labyrinthines discourse, manipulations of the material and transmutation of ideas; but below this process of construction, an expectant look underlies, when happening of the time, an internal fight scratching the horizon of lif.