Incendiando las sombras


Year: 2010

Instruments: String Orchestra (5VnI. 4VnII. 3Va. 2Vc. 1Cb.)

Lenght: 14′

Premiered at: Alicante Festival. Arniches Theater, Alicante. 2009/ 09/ 17.  Ensemble Atelier Gombau.

Other data:

  • Commissioned by CDMC

Work that part of the sound as oscillation, formed by the stratification of “dark layers” that temporarily progresses, diversifying its density in the depth of the movement.
The sound at times becomes diffuse and attenuated, and the internal movements conform a whole that in the dark dense set only sometimes lets guess the detail.
The individual linear motion, emerges as a figure, oscillating between shadow and resonance; it is when the impulse is made light, propagating of tenuous or luminous form the weave of the texture.
The use of contrast, the reflection as a means of flashing the internal relations, pierce the sonorous space, emerging flashes and blurred densities, inviting to the contemplation, dreeam or the fascination of listening.
To fire the shadow, is a desire of the action to impel , light up, and at once take refuge in the fragile instant between light and darkness.