Year: 1999

Instruments: Cl, vn, vc, pn, perc

Lenght: 5’40”

Premiered at: “Quincena MusicalFestivalC. Bernaola Tribute Concert for his 70th birthday. Kursaal. Donostia-San Sebastián. 1999/08. Conjunto Instrumental Jesús Guridi. Dir: Juanjo Mena.

Performed at:

  • The Days of New Music” 13th edition. Ars Poetica Ensemble. Dir: Oleg Palymski. Galerie Brancusi. Kishinev. 2004/06/16.
  • Taller Sonoro Quincena Musical. 67th Edition. Kursaal. Donostia. 2006/08.
  • Ellas Crean Festival. 4th edition. Community of Madrid Orchestra Soloists and Chorus. Dir: Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano. MNCARS. Auditorio 400. Madrid 2008/03.
  • Musikaste Festival. Ensemble” Kuraia. Dir. A. Cazzaniga. Renteria. 2009/05.

Other data:

  • Commissioned by Quincena Musical on the 70th anniversary of C. Bernaola.