Amor fiero


Year: 2013

Instruments: Sp, Mzz, T, Br, B..

Lenght: 12′

Premiered at: 3rd Cycle of Contemporary Music. San Nicolás building. BBVA Foundation. Bilbao. 2013/03/05. Neue Vocalsolisten.

Other data:

  • Text: Calderón de la Barca
  • Commissioned by BBVA Foundation.

In this occasion, the conclusion of the famous monologue of Segismundo is the principle of this new composition, begins with an imitative texture of great density that is broken off melodic particles soloists or in duo.
The microtinal exploration of this beginning yields to a central section of the great rythmical mobility that leads, as dynamic climax and of extension of registry of the vocal quintet, to the harmonic enunciation of the semantic key of the Calderon’s text (fierce, wrath, rages and pain),whose pressure gathers a solo of soprano before ending at a clear dispersion of the phonetic continuity.
Comment: Germán Gan Quesada.