Year: 2013

Acousmatic 8 Channels

Lenght: 7’30”

Other data:

  • Dedicated to Andrés Lewin-Richter
  • Hegal has been created in the autumn of the 2013 and receives aid to the composition of the INAEM.

Speaker schemme: 2 options

H1L             H1R                      H1L         H1R

HL        HR                          HL                         HR

HLs        HRs                       HLs                      HRs

H1Ls             H1Rs                   H1Ls        H1Rs

Hegal means “wing”, “edge” in Basque language; the work is realised in 8 channels grouped in two quadraphonic groups being able to be located as much in the horizontal as a vertical level; inclusion or mirror.
This work explores the relation between the sonorous objects that appear in each group, mixed and sometimes confronting by antithesis or diluted, as expansion form.
Not being a work of great contrasts, the relations between both groups are realised in the limit or edge of certain sounds or their actions, covering themselves like a robe.
The material is collected from different common objects and outside landscape, next to voices of friends with an intention to investigate in the daily from a point or view observant