Zattere dei pensieri


Year: 2009

Sound installation. Installation in opened space, gardens… (differents loudspeakers in a circuit). Number of channels variable. 3 Files: A 40′, B 40 , C 15′.

Lenght: From 40′

Premiered at: Jardín del Agua. “LunaKrea” Festival. Vitoria. 2009/ 09/ 11.

Other data:

  • Commissioned by Krea Contemporary Expression.

Multiphonic place, with multiple sources of sonorous transmission scattered in the space.
The poetic idea is an attempt to transfer the sound of a city habited by the water (Venice) and to enter in relation to the listener by means of the chosen space, cohabiting both.
Next and distant sounds, dialogues in different languages, the movement of the life that crosses the sonorous space or the stopped time,catching the chat of some women to the sunset are all sonorous elements of this piece, in whose base the sound of the water flows as guide.