Despertar a la vida es sueño


Year: 2012

Instruments / Disciplines: Electronic opera from the work of Calderon de la BarcaLa vida es sueño” for Soprano, electronic, video, sound and visual live processing. Max-Jitter..

Lenght: 60’

Premiered at: Bernaola Festival, Jesús Guridi Music Conservatory, Vitoria-Gasteiz. 2012/ 12/ 26. Soprano: June Telletxea. Ilumination: Fernando Matinez de Eredita. Sound diffusion: Koldo Sagastume. Audio & visual processing: Zuriñe F Gerenabarrena.

Other data:

  • Work commissioned by the Department of Culture of the Basque Government and Ministry of Culture.
  • It’s a scenic play, which stimulates the idea of ​​imaginary trip, looking for to consider the reality as an invention, upsetting the limits of psychology than sound.
  • Electronic Opera for soprano, acousmatic, video, sound and visual real-time processing.

It is difficult to get away the fascination of “La Vida es Sueño“, the words and sound are with us embedded in the skin as a newborn.
This opera is a humble and brave approach to total heart, before the whirl of hues that the text hoards.
A woman’s voice, which deconstructs and hinds words of Segismundo and Rosaura, androgynous characters with the desire for freedom that doesn’t matter the gender.
An electronic background is mirror and alter ego and is emancipated as song, image or requiebro, internal groan. Space and light live on the scene, drawing our glances.
There are so many ways that to explore within the work, so many open doors; that this piece, here wakes up to some of them; but we still have life to cross the others.