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JASO, score

Jaso, score for orchestra, published by Tritó Edition. Performed by Musikene Sinfonieta in winter 2020 and recorded by the Ibs Classical record label.    


LORRATZ Basque National Orchestra

LORRATZ new work for orchestra. Basque National Orchestra commission, ELKANO project as a commemoration of the 500th anniversary of the first trip around the world. Basque National Orchestra. Conductor: Roberto Treviño Program: Z. F Gerenabarrena, A. Bruckner 1 December Kursaal Donostia 2 December Principal Vitoria-Gasteiz 5…


Commissioned new orchestral work

Five Scores for a trip round the world. Commemoration of the 500th anniversay of the first trip round the world by J.S.ELKANO. The Basque National Orchestra has commissioned 5 composers to compose music oa the different sections of the trip. Premiere and recording by OSE, from…



HAIZORRATZ in VIII Circuito de Música Contemporánea. Musikagileak. Haizorratz, to orchestra, in the VIII Circuito de Música Contemporánea. Musikagileak. Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, BOS. Dir: Jean-Philippe Wurtz. Programme: Novoa, Catalán, Posadas, Gerenabarrena, Domínguez. Campos Eliseos Theater. Bilbao 09/28/ 2017 20:00  


BOS 2013-14 Season

2013/11/28 y 29 Haizorratz, Premiere. Commissioned by BOS and Autor Foundation. BOS 2013-14 Season. Bilbao Symphony Orchestra. Dir: Diemecke. Euskalduna Hall. Bilbao.  



Itxidiki and orchestrations works: E. Zubeldia and E. Chacón. Bilbao Symphony Orchestra. Campos Eliseos Theatre. Bilbao.