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LYSE in MediSoup

LYSE, in “Healing. Listening to a Brave New World”. MediSoup Community Concert Octophonic Concert Programa: G. Chab, P.Devens, Z.F. Gerenabarrena, T. Hamilton & A. Pangalou, O. Karamanlis, Y. Katori, G. Palmieri, L.Reid, A. Rossato, N. Stavropoulos, R. Tesorini MAD LAB, Universidad tecnológica de Chipre. 8 de…


LYSE in Sonorities Festival

LYSE, acousmatic octophonic work in SONORITIES Festival. Listening rooms Wednesday 6 to Sunday 10 April. 10h – 17h SARC. Sonic Art Research Centre. Belfast      


AKUSMA in Bernaola Zikloa 21-22

AKUSMA. Acousmatic concert in Bernaola Zikloa 21-22 Programm: Yoann Sanson, Sophie Lacaze, Lucie Prod’homme, Yvette Jackson, Edith Alonso, Jorge Sad Levi Illumination: Nadia Rodriguez.  Sound System: Jabolo Sagastume Sound diffusion: Zuriñe F Gerenabarrena Jesus Guridi Conservatory 05/02/2022 19h:30′ Vitoria-Gasteiz  


Ilun at Festival En Chair et En Son

Ilun, acousmatic work  at Festival En Chair et En Son Butoh Dance Emmanuel Borgo Electronic music diffusion: Zuriñe F Gerenabarrena Program: J. Antunes-A. Denis. Z. F Gerenabarrena-E. Borgo, D. Royer-C. Torregiani Théâtre Aleph Ivry s/Seine Thursday 21 Octubre 20h Paris, France


Conference Concert in Atemporánea Festival

Atemporánea. II International Festival of Contemporary Music of  Ástor Piazzolla Conservatory. Buenos Aires. Argentina. Sandra González: artistic director Conference-Concert “Esculpir el sonido” “Fyr” “Luze” Fl: Roberto Casado Pn:Alfonso Gómez Pc. Jabi Alonso electronic: Jabolo Sagastume, Zuriñe F Gerenabarrena Thursday September 16th. 14h-15.30 Buenos Aires. 19h-20.30 Basque Country


FYR and Barne in Festival Il Suono in Mostra

Fyr and Barne, in Festival Il Suono in Mostra 2021 Festival Il Suono in Mostra 2021 preview in Topoló and Torre Medieval Moggio Udinese. Soundbench by Spazioersetti and Audiorama Topoló (Slovenia) 2-8 July Moggio Udinese (Italy) 1-15 August