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Commissioned new orchestral work

Five Scores for a trip round the world. Commemoration of the 500th anniversay of the first trip round the world by J.S.ELKANO. The Basque National Orchestra has commissioned 5 composers to compose music oa the different sections of the trip. Premiere and recording by OSE, from…


FYR, San Francisco Tape Music Festival

FYR in San Francisco Tape Music Festival 2019. Fyr, acousmatic work,  in the San Francisco Tape Music Festival, wich will take place from January 4 to 6. 6th January Program: M.Subotnick, B. Parmegiani, A. Gnazzo, D. Copeland, Hanes/Adams, M.Ingalls, F. Lopez-Lezcano, Z. F. Gerenabarrena Sunday 2019/01/06 20h Victoria Theatre…