Year: 2018

Instruments: Voz Noh and violoncello.

Lenght: 11′

Premiered: Noh Voice. Ryoko Aoki. Vc: Seiko Takamoto. Noh X  Contemporary Music. Shibaura House (Minato) Tokio.  04/03/2018

Performed at:

  •  Noh Voice:  Ryoko Aoki, Vc: B. David Apellaniz . X  ConcertsSolo Series BBVA Foundation.  Palacio Marqués de Salamanca . Madrid. 13 /04/2019

Other data:

  • Comissioned by Noh X Contemporary Music.

“Yoru, night, as an image that embraces incertitude. The poem drives the dialogue between the interpreters sometimes linked, sometimes confronted; as two entities that move between light and shadow. Each interpreter is a sounding board for the other, as a mirror that rebounds off the essence of doubt or certainty. The text and music are crushed into traces that are linked without resolving, as a symbol of an unreality that refer8s us to the dream state.”

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