Year: 2017

Instruments: Fl, pn, pc, tape and amplification.

Lenght: 9′

Premiered at:  Dance Music Cycle. Juan March Foundation. Madrid. 04/03/ 2017.

Ensemble SINKRO.

Fl: R.Casado. Pn: A. Gómez. Perc: J. Alonso. Electr.: J. Sagastume, Z. F Gerenabarrena.

Dance: M. Man y J. Hawison

Photo Juan March Foundation

Performed at:

  • Dance Music Cycle. Juan March Foundation. Madrid. 04/03/2017
  • XIV Bernaola Festival. Conservatory Jesús Guridi 25/11/2017
  • Work sponsored by Department of Culture of the Basque Government 
  • Honorary Mention in International Electroacoustic Composition Competition. MUSICA NOVA 2018. 14/12/2018. Theatre of Inspiration. Prague

Work that search to submerge in the temporal distance, unfolding and destabilizing the fragile points of reference. The expansion in time of a musical idea base, creates relations of complicity on the fragmentation,with the intention to explore external sounds, renewed, in a tour that invites to the reflexion between the visual and sonorous crossing.